When You Need Multiple Health Insurance Quotes in an Instant

You have better things to do than search the Internet for the best solutions for your health insurance needs. Not only can getting health insurance quotes be a time-consuming process, it can also be difficult because of the sheer volume of options from which you have to choose.

Fortunately, makes the process a quick, pain-free process. Instead of hours wasted in front of your computer laboring to locate the best health insurance quotes from a variety of sources, we give you the tools you need to compare multiple quotes – in an instant.

You Need Health Insurance

Because of the rising cost of health care, employers nationwide are taking a long hard look at the ways they can save money. In many cases, one of the first places some companies look for savings opportunities is in the area of employee benefits; specifically employee health insurance benefits. And if you’re fortunate enough to strike out on your own into the world of self-employment, you don’t have the benefit of employer-sponsored health insurance coverage.

The need for quality health insurance coverage is dramatic. Because of the high cost of medical procedures today, a single illness or injury to you or a family member can be enough to threaten your financial security and could potentially force you into bankruptcy. As a matter of fact, one of the main factors contributing to bankruptcy today is unpaid medical bills. Having quality health insurance coverage can help prevent these problems and can also give you the flexibility and the freedom to seek the treatment you want and need.

Instant Health Insurance Quotes

When shopping for health insurance quotes, it’s always smart to be mindful of some of the different types of health insurance from which you have to choose:

  • Major Medical – This coverage used to be the most common coverage available – and it’s still referred to as “traditional coverage” by a lot of insurers and consumers. Normally this coverage will pay 80% of covered charges once the policy deductible has been met – up to the coinsurance limits. After that, the policy will pay 100% of your health care expenses up to the lifetime limit as defined in your policy. The most expensive kind of insurance on the market, this type of coverage gives you the most flexibility in making physician and hospital choices.
  • HMO – Health Maintenance Organizations provide a slate of common health care procedures for a fixed monthly fee. You’ll be required to make a physician election for all of your basic health care needs. In the event that you need specialized care, your HMO physician will refer you to an affiliated specialist.
  • PPO – A Preferred Provider Organization is a network of affiliated physicians, hospitals, and clinics. Typically, you would select a primary care physician to handle your day-to-day health care needs. When you need to seek treatment, you would simply make an appointment with your provider, and pay a fixed co-pay amount for the visit. Then, if additional services are needed – or hospitalization is required – your PPO health insurance policy would pay for 90% of the covered expenses. PPO coverage gives you the freedom to go outside of the PPO network, although your insurance policy would pay a reduced amount based on the terms of your policy.

Regardless of the health insurance option you select, can give you instant results. You place a premium on your time, so it makes sense that you would want the easiest solution for your health insurance needs. To find out in an instant what company can best meet your needs, simply fill out the easy quote form at the bottom of this page. Then relax and wait for your results. Don’t go too far, though. We’ll have your results in an instant!


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